Photo A Day – July Challenge

It seems fitting to start Between The Shutters with a photo-a-day challenge.  After all, my original intent of this blog was to post a random, single picture.   Of course, I’ve decided I like talking too much, so there will be much more to this blog.  Eventually.

My July challenge comes from Fat Mum Slim.  She even has this post dedicated to how Photo-a-Day can impact you.  I’ve been toying with the idea enough…it’s time to snap the shutter!

Knowing myself, I won’t actually post a photo a day.  I’ll shoot for posting a week at a time.  I might miss a day or two.  Okay, I will miss a day or two.  Life will go on with our without the picture to proof it.  The good news is I tend to take at least one picture everyday with my cell phone.  So it might not be the highest quality, but it will be documentation none the less.



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