Photo A Day – July 1st through July 8th

July 1 – Self Portrait

This picture actually was taken on July 1st, before I knew about the challenge! My son and I enjoying some time together in the bounce house.

July 2 – Busy

Our mama humming bird busy protecting her babies from the freak with the camera who keeps getting a little too close.

July 3 – Best Part of Your DayNow this might not look that exciting to you, but it was my first successful cut using my new Cricut Expression.  And it was the best part of my day.

July 4 – Fun

I treated myself to a mani-pedi on the Forth of July and opted for “fun” toes.  (And I promise my feet are clean, it’s just the look of the photo.)

July 5 – On The Floor

I packed 5 pairs of shoes for my 4 day weekend get-a-way.  This is what they looked like on the hotel floor.  Also why I needed fun toes.

July 6 – Chair

Nothing like a relaxing pool chair to bear the Tucson heat.  Ahhhh…..

July 7 – Garden

Cactus Garden.  It definitely has a strange beauty about it.

July 8 – Lunch

My first experience with In-N-Out.  I basically savored the first bite while taking this photo and inhaled the rest.  Delish!

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