Photo A Day – July 9th through July 15th

July 9: Big

This little dance bag represents BIG money…or BIG dreams, depending on who you ask.  Ironically, this was the last time this bag was packed since it needed to be replaced with a bigger bag to accommodate the growing dance apparel needed.

July 10: Your Favourite Colour

Okay, first of all, I spell it “Favorite” and “Color”.  I’ll assume that Fat Mum Slim is from England and that’s the English version.  If it’s good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for me.   Secondly, I don’t have a single favorite color.  But I was keenly aware of the lush green tree with a beautiful blue sky as a backdrop.  It was one of the best views of the day.

July 11: Letter

I wasn’t sure  what direction I was going to take “letter.”  But then, I had this elusive cup sitting in front of me.  No other letters appeared but TM.  

July 12: Texture

Wicker balls found in my family room.  I bought these years ago with the intent of adding some nice texture to the red bamboo bowl I had set on the sofa table.

July 13: Open

While at Floyd’s Barbershop, I saw this open drawer.  There was something about the colors of the bumper stickers against the smooth metal that really caught my eye.

July 14: Building

FAIL.  Photo Cred goes to The Banker for this picture.  We are building a golfer.

July 14: Finger

My daughter and I flash “I love you” to each from across the room, in the car, or while leaving school.  It was the first thing I thought of when I saw finger.  Okay…the second thing.

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  1. I’m glad she didn’t give you the other finer.


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