Photo A Day – July 16th through July 20th

July 16: Sign

This was found on the side of a very large cardboard box in the office kitchen today. I suppose it’s a sign that means “Don’t walk on this box.” I thought it was funny.  [Sorry, I didn’t realize how blurry this picture was until it was super-sized on the screen.]

July 17: Your Addiction

Oh so many addictions to choose from…but I would have to say one of them has to be my York Pieces.  Dark chocolate and a refreshing mint taste are the perfect summer treat combination.  Good to keep in the desk drawer or hidden in the cabinet.

July 18: Plate

I went the anti-plate route today.  Like anti-pasta.  Oddly enough, I ate from a bowl for all meals: oatmeal, Sunday Salad, and cereal.  The Peanut Butter Mocha Madness was my post-workout treat to myself.

July 19: Animal/Insect/Pet

Our resident little bunny foo foo who’s eating holes in my grass.

July 20: Eyes

Eyes of innocence.

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