Photo A Day – July 21st through July 28th

Here is a short preview of our family vacation this week.  Although I have roughly 100 blog post ideas, I’ll try to scale it back and not overwhelm you with all 700+ photos taken this past week.

July 21: 9 o’clock

9 o’clock in the morning and all packed.

July 22: Upside Down

An upside down inflatable kayak sitting alone on the dock.

July 23: Mirror

Woke up to this outside my window.  The water was perfectly still and as reflective as a mirror.

July 24: A Stranger

The awkwardness of photographing a stranger…without them knowing.

July 25: Heart

The heart of Seattle…the Pikes Place Market.

July 26: Sunshine

Another beautiful sunrise on the Puget Sound.  Who says the sun never comes out here?

July 27: On the Road

The road that lead to our Captains Cabin for the week.

July 28: Cup

An all too important cup of Joe to handle two cranky kids on the last day of vacation.

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