BTS Undercover

Who is Between the Shutters?

[Pictures coming soon.  Eventually.  Maybe.  If I get around to it.]

Mad Sam:  That’s me!  I’m a scatterbrained mom who works full time.  I have two beautiful children who drive me completely crazy, but couldn’t live a day without.  I’m enjoying my time exploring my inner-writer, my inner-photographer, my inner-baker, my inner-crafter, and other inners I find along the way.  And better yet, I enjoy sharing it with you.

I’m in an awkward stage of life.  Officially in my 30’s, I suppose I could be going through the fictitious quarter life crisis.  I feel like I am missing something, I just haven’t figured out what that  is yet.  I really want to find a job that I am passionate about.  One that I would be excited about going to in the morning.  But The Banker says, it also has to be one that pays the bills.

The Banker: This would be my husband. The enforcer of “NO you can’t stay home to bake things to blog about.”  The encourager of  “Go find a job you’ll love, but still makes money.”  The amazing husband who organizes our family, takes care of the household, and supports us all.  The best father to Marshmellow and BabyFace.

Marshmellow: Our first born.  A true diva at the young age of 6.  She is my kitchen helper.  My reason to make craft projects.  A good third of the reason I’ve gone crazy.  She’s a ballet dancer at heart, but will shake her little booty to any music you turn on.  And loves to torment, in a loving way I think, BabyFace.

BabyFace: Our little man.  All of three and full of life.  Definitely The Bankers mini-me.  He is my energy; sometimes my energy drain.  My reason to laugh.  Another good third of the reason I’ve gone crazy.  He’s a boy of all boys who can’t stop moving.  He loves to read the same book over and over and over again.  And I think we all underestimate exactly how much he is absorbing from the rest of us.

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  1. Casey

     /  July 18, 2012

    Cute blog SAM!


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