Colorado Cries

Taken from the Facebook page of “Visit Colorado”

Words cannot express the sadness that engulfs those affected by the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting.

Waking up to chaotic news reports is humbling.

Knowing that you are safe, but so many are not.  Knowing that your children are sleeping in the next room, but someones child will never return home.  Knowing that such horror is happening just down the road…my chest tightens with  the thought.

I live in Colorado where stories of this tragedy are filling the airways.  My favorite morning show dedicated their radio show to providing updates, live feeds of press conferences from the policy departments and President Obama, and thoughts to help calm our community.   They have been caution and kind and have asked people to hold onto their anger, at least for now, and allow those to grief and process in peace.  There’s plenty of time for opinions later.

And it sounds like it’s the topic of conversation across the country.  We are getting calls from loved ones across the county to check in on us.  I’ve even had a business associate call to see how close I am to the Century 16 Movie Theater.

The entire things makes me sick.  And sad.  And mad.  It makes me question what kind of person is able to imagine such disgusting harm to others and then actually act on those thoughts.  The planning involved.    The booby trapping of his apartment with the intent to cause more harm to more people.


May we all take a moment to pray.  Pray for those who lost their lives and their loved ones left grieving.  Pray for those who witnessed the violence and will be left physically and emotionally scarred.  Pray for the first responders who rushed into action.  And to pray for the community startled by the images.

I am left feeling helpless and hopeless, wanting to do something.  This afternoon I will be going to Bonfils to donate blood.  To save a life.  To do something.