I took this picture on June 1st.  It was a Friday afternoon and I was returning from work.  I found my children playing in the front yard while my husband was hard at work fixing a broken sprinkler head.

I was immediately drawn to beautiful roses blooming in our front garden and grabbed my phone to capture it’s presence.  [Sidetrack: isn’t it odd that good photography can now be done from our phones?  Now, I did get the “real” camera too, but this isn’t one of those pictures.  Impressive?  I think so.]

I found the beauty stunning.  A perfect rose.  Thorns and all.

We recently moved into this house and have yet to discover all of the plant life that surrounds us.  In addition to these red roses, we also have a a peachy colored rose.  Oh why not, I’ll share that picture too.

Sadly, all of my roses were destroyed five days later in a nasty little hail storm.  I am so glad that I captured this before mother nature had her way with them.  And I am glad to share that beauty with you too.

If I have any botanists out there that can help identify these rose species, I would be grateful.  Then I can sound a bit more intelligent than saying I have peachy roses.