Photo A Day – August 20th through August 27th

August 20th: Wall

A wall of soda saying “Broncos Country”  YES…it’s football season!

August 21st: Shoe

After a two week hiatus, I made it back to the gym.

August 22nd: Friend

Not just any friend, but my best friend of all times and for more than half my life. I love this girl!

August 23rd: Bowl

It may seem like fall is upon us, but the summer watermelon is still delicious.

August 24th: Car

A lone car abandoned on the couch.

August 25th: Inside

My something special for being a good girl while The Banker was away.

August 26th: Funny

Today was a day of sorrow and grief, but I did laugh when I saw this picture.

August 27th: Hook


Sadly, my grandmother passed away and my family and I traveled to attend her funeral.  The Photo A Day Challenge was placed on hold.  I thought about taking the remaining pictures after the fact so I had something to post, but honestly, I didn’t feel like.

September is upon us….

have you started your challenge yet?


Photo A Day – August 10th through August 19th

August 10th: Drink

A perfect drink day or night…and BONUS…treat receipt!

August 11th: Love

BabyFace loves cool cars…and this race car was definitely cool!

August 12th: Bag

Perhaps one of my favorite bags of all times…

August 13th: Mail

Monday mail at the office…the slow day.

August 14th: Dark

My favorite kind of dark…dark chocolate.

August 15th: Sky

An evening sky…the sun trying to push through the clouds.

August 16th: Breakfast

I know, I know…breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Well, this day, all I had was coffee.

August 17th: Water

The water feature at the spa…great way to get me in the mood for my massage.

August 18th: Sweet

Sweet…free hot dog topped with SaSo.  The best damn hot sauce around!

August 19th: Radio

Sorry…I lacked creativity today.  The radio button in the car.  Out of focus at that.

Photo A Day – August 1st through August 9th

August 1st: Street

A cheery street to welcome me to the gym.  Some days I need that encouragement!

August 2nd: Book

Not to get all Chick-Fil-A on you, but I could resit.  The Book was literally on display when I arrived home.

August 3rd: Phone

The phone that sits on my desk.  I was tempted to leave it off the hook.  I resisted.

August 4th: Tree

The perfect sun spotlight on a beautiful tree.

August 5th: Left

Ah, the left overs of a wonderful bridal shower.

August 6th: Light

The newest light added to our house.

August 7th: Line


A perfect line down my Dove Dark Chocolate bar.

August 8th: Change

I honestly had change in my pocket at the end of the day…shocking since I hardly pay with cash.  I’m more of a plastic girl myself.

August 9th: Fence

Decorative white picket fence.

Photo A Day – August Challenge

Ack!  August is a week away.  How did that happen?

I’m a planner.  Well, at least I try to be a planner.  So I went looking for an August Photo A Day challenge.  But I didn’t find any posted yet!  What’s a girl to do?  Create her own!  So if I saw something interesting while driving down the road, sitting at my desk, or watching t.v., I would jot it down.  Thus became the August list.

My goal is to get at least 5 people to take my Photo A Day – August Challenge.  I would love if 50 people would join me.  500 people might get overwhelming, but why not?  Drop me a comment to let me know you’re in!  And then, more importantly, show me your pictures!

If I get enough people who want to share, I’ll create a new PAGE on Between The Shutters and let people link up with you and see your photos too.  But I have full rights to take it down your link if I don’t like your blog.

New to Photo A Day Challenge?

Here’s the deal.  You are given a daily topic, you take a picture of your subject and then you share you photo.  You can share it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Pinterest…where ever.  It’s suppose to be fun, not a chore.  So if you  miss a day, you miss a day.  No big deal.

August’s Challenge List

Do you need a more direction than just a single word?  For a bit more inspiration, here are some ideas:

  1. Street: the street you live on, from the window at a red light, from your office window (because you’re not working)
  2. Book: a book you’re reading, the tickets you just booked (to escape someone), your e-reader
  3. Phone:  someone on the phone, a cell phone store (with a line out the door) , phone lines
  4. Tree: tree branches, a single leaf, shade from a tree (that you want to take a nap under)
  5. Left: somebody who left you, the left side of the room, something left on the counter (because you are so forgetful)
  6. Light: the lamp on the table, sunlight, the light of your life (gag)
  7. Line: people waiting in line, parking lot lines, a line you drew (just to take this picture)
  8. Change: coins from your pocket, something you did/want to change, changing of the guards (that would be awesome to see)
  9. Fence:  fence around the pool,  a squirrel on the fence, something fencing you in (the caged animal you are)
  10. Drink: your adult beverage, a child drinking from their sippy cup, iced tea (I’d go for the adult beverage)
  11. Love: a person/place/think you love, a word that spells love, a heart (like a drawing, not a human heart)
  12. Bag: a purse, a reusable grocery bag, your lunch bag (hopefully you have something yummy to eat)
  13. Mail: junk mail (what a waste of paper), mailbox, a package you received in the mail
  14. Dark: a dark room, a shadow, dark chocolate (mmm…dark chocolate)
  15. Sky: clouds, a bird flying in the sky, sky blue (or Skyy Vodka)
  16. Breakfast: anything you ate for breakfast, an empty cereal bowl, what you should have eaten for breakfast (instead of the cupcake you ate)
  17. Water: a puddle in the parking lot, a water droplet on a plant, your glass of water (if you’re boring like that)
  18. Sweet: a sweet puppy, a sugar packet, sweet cream ice cream (drizzle this with dark chocolate for me)
  19. Radio: a radio antenna, logo of your favorite radio station (don’t stalk the radio personalities), the radio in your car
  20. Wall: a blank wall, art hanging on a wall, your Facebook wall (careful with sharing your names)
  21. Shoe: shoes in your closet, shoe laces, shoe store (just go shoe shopping)
  22. Friend: your furry friend, a stuffed animal , your best friend (you can stalk your friend)
  23. Bowl: a bowl from your cabinet, a bowl of business cards at a restaurant, a souvenir from a bowl game you went to (and your team won, it’s more fun that way)
  24. Car: cars in the parking lot (hopefully not the empty spot where your car was when you went inside), keys to your car, a car seat
  25. Inside: the inside of your empty chip bag (piggy), inside of your refrigerator, a room inside your house
  26. Funny: a funny face, something that makes you laugh, a funny looking anything (no, you may not take my picture for this one)
  27. Hook: Captain Hook (get his autograph too), a coat hook, a trailer hitch hooked to a truck
  28. Top: the top of the stack, a shirt (perhaps on the stack of laundry to do), a spinning top
  29. Pen: something you penned, your favorite pen, someone holding a pen (hopefully not your boss writing your pink slip)
  30. Orange: the sunset with orange clouds, an orange sock, a peach (you know, because its orange too)
  31. Key: your house key, the key word in the crossword puzzle, don’t take a picture of the key to your car for car (save it for this one.)

Now, go snap some pictures and have fun with them!